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Eisja Broken Oracle, Artist Unknown, Author Unheard Of



 Speaking of names, you’ll have noticed that I associate myself with the moniker Eisja (“ay ish uh”). You may also have noticed,if you’re nosy and clever, that Google doesn’t know what it means. No origins or stats on those baby name sites for this one guys.
Eisja, it means “the ‘brilliant’ one”, bestowed upon me by my angel friends & spirit guides as an endearing joke,  and I carry it proudly as a testament to an innate sarcastic detachment I have come to embrace.

The fictional character’s  I most relate to (and thus, my greatest muses …) are Sherlock Holmes (BBC, naturally),  Olivia Dunham  (FRINGE), and Julia Wicker (The Magicians).

When random people who knew me as a baby see me in the grocery store and ask what I’m going to be when I grow up, I usually tell them I don’t plan on ever growing up.

Which is mostly true. I’m a story teller, what can I say. Childlike imagination is kind of in the job description.

But just to satiate that curiosity, my formal training is in Ancient History and Latin. I hope one day to obtain a Master’s in Mythology. My academic obsession is Sociology.   

Some Answers To Questions I get Asked Most Often:

1. Yes, my hair is permanently dyed. Yes, it is pink. #thegirlwiththepinkhair

2. I have a college degree and a bartender’s licence. One of these pays my bills.

3. I love to cook. And I’m a creative cook. Lot’s of allergies…lots.

4. I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. Ever.

5. Travel Plans: Iceland, Italy, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa,…you know what, lets just cover the bases
        and say Earth…

6. Yes. I do see spirits. No, I’m not kidding. Or crazy. Yes, you probably do have some around you. We all do.

7. Inspiration: love. In all of its forms, phases and fantasies.

The last book I read cover to cover was Whiskey, Words and a Shovel (Pt. I) by R. H. Sin and admittedly that is probably the ONLY book I’ve read word for word, cover to cover since I started college in 2011. Prior to discovering Sin, I quite honestly loathed the idea of reading anything other than my horoscope and the occasional Buzzfeed article.

Ironic, I know, the writer hates to read. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, but then I go to a Barnes & Noble and a deep mourning for the sea of books that mine will be lost in reminds me that alongside futility, irony is art’s best quality.

Yes. I’m an artist. Always have been. Always will be. And there’s nothing you can do about it, capitalist America(Muah-ha-ha-ha!). Paint in my blood. Ink in my tears. And I like it that way.

If there’s work to be done I’m probably either sketching in the columns of my notebook,  mashing the replay button on a DIDO song, or writing my next novel in a text message which I promptly send to myself for addition to a proper file later. Thank you, Vivienne! (Yes, I named my  iPhone.)